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Bar Bets & Dating Tricks
Meet Women or Entertain Your Friends with Confidence, Personality and Mystery!

Bar Bets are amazing ice breakers for dating and to get people laughing, intrigued and into a conversation with you... all while pulling one over on someone with cleverness and charm. Our Bar Bets (or Betcha's or Gotcha's) are done between two people and the wager is something small like drink, money or even a kiss! Often, the Bet seems easy enough but there is a play on words or unexpected laws of physics that makes the challenge nearly impossible.

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Our Philosophy:
"The right man is the one who seizes the moment.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
17th century philosopher of Romanticism

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"Bar Bets" taken off page 119 from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks:

Roller Bill

The Bet: A bottle has a dollar placed centered over the opening. Another bottle is inverted and placed mouth to mouth sandwiching the bill. You bet that they can’t remove the bill without the bottles falling. You are not allowed to touch the bottles.

Secret: You must roll the bill to remove it.

Performance: Set the bottles up with the bill in between and make the bet. When they try several times and fail, take your turn. You can use a pencil or pen to help, but this can easily be done with just your finger tips. Roll the dollar from one end around itself. Keep rolling until you hit the roll against the bottle mouths. Keep rolling carefully and the bill will be sucked up form the other side into the roll.

Tip: When gesturing during the explanation that they cannot remove the bill, give a tugging motion on the bill to plant the idea of pulling it out fast. Do not hint that you can fold or roll the bill. It helps a lot to throw people of with subtle non verbal cues. It is like saying that you have to pull the bill without actually saying that.

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• Have a plan and reason to approach someone
• Have more to say than, "Uh, what's your name? What do you do?"
• Overall, appear awesome with the secrets to bets, tricks and scams...

All this and more is possible while you simply get to be yourself and have fun!
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