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Dating Tips
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Dating Tips
Rules of the Dating Game!

Dating tips and rules of the game go far beyond hitting on women. They can be something as selfish as pschologically making a woman want you more to ways of being a gentelman or even how to make performing tricks more interesting. These tips range from daily life lessons to improve your life socially to helping you make the most of your time in any situation. It all about looking at yourself and how to apply advantages in life, dating, work or anywhere!

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Our Philosophy:
"The right man is the one who seizes the moment.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
17th century philosopher of Romanticism

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"Rules of the Game - Tips, Rules, Do's and Don'ts to Dating" from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks:

Don't ask obvious questions like, "How old are you?", "What do you do?", etc. Instead, be a little witty and ask, "You must make money somehow, do you like your job? I love hearing how people make a living…" Ask off beat questions like, "What's the coolest place you've ever been." Try to find ways to make tangental questions to show you are fun and creative. For instance, if she says she works with kids, immediately say something like, "Oh, what the heck do you do about all those germs! Don't you watch the news!?" If she says she likes water sports, say, "...

12. When asking a girl to go out, dance, walk or whatever, show that you are interested but be sure to convey that you do not need her to have a good time. Have a frame of mind that you are not desperate and that you are going to have a great time with or without her… and that you'd really like her to be part of it. Be ...

34. While talking to your dream-girl, constantly repeat her name. This will be like music to her ears. For example "Stop trying to hit on me, Jill... I know what you're up to!" instead of "Stop trying to hit on me... I know what you're up to!" Adding her name when possible...

49. Don't ask if you can have a phone number, tell her to give it to you. This is done smoothly. For instance, do not be weak and ask, "May I have you number so I might call you sometime?" Instead, reframe it to simply leave it much harder to say no by saying, "I'd love to call you sometime, what is the best number to reach you?" It's simple psychology used by good waitresses. If you where asked "Do you want desert?" vs. "Which desert would you like to end the dinner with?… Our cake, pie or ice-cream?" The second does not really ask if you want desert, but rather which one. It's much harder...

59. When it comes to your wingman, know your roles and who's to ultimately benefit during a trick, scam or setup. However, don't forget to share the limelight with your wingman when the time comes. Even though you might use a wingman, it does not mean you wing it. In other words, make sure there's a good vibe between you and eliminate competition before you do a trick together. When you are...

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dating tips Chapter 5 - “Rules of the Game"
Become aware of the rules that separate the men from the boys. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the dating game.

Here's a partial list of things you'll be able to gain in just minutes:
• Get some presentation tips to doing tricks
• Gain some insight to psychology to use in everyday life
• Learn how to leave people wanting more and not overstay your welcome
• Discover the importance of polish and details
• See how important it is to include everyone one else when hitting on someone
• Learn how to structure your questions to keep them interested in you
• Find out how easy it is to become ATTRACTIVE
• See the difference of being confidence and assertive vs. dominant and cocky
• Avoid the mistakes commonly made by others in the dating scene
• Find out how easy it is to approach ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

All this and more is possible while you simply get to be yourself and have fun!
Chapter 5 contains a variety of dating and life lessons and tips! No experience required!

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