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Impromptu Magic, Tricks with Everyday Objects & Dating Tricks
Meet Women or Entertain Your Friends with Confidence, Personality and Mystery!

To have fun dating, impromptu magic and tricks with everyday objects are your best friend. Borrow something from someone gives you an immediate excuse to start a conversation and trick. From pranks, bending objects, making things penetrate solid material, mysterious feats of power or beautiful gifts created from money or napkins, we've collected the most powerful tricks that you can do today! Some of "The Ice Breaker's" favorite secret tricks have been included!

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"Tricks with everyday Objects" taken off page 114 from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks:

Napkin Rose

A paper napkin is transformed into a rose.

Secret: There is a simple way to fold the napkin to create a rose, stem and leaf.

Performance: This is another wonderful gift and ice-breaker. Take a paper napkin and hold the left upper corner with the back of your left first two fingers facing her. Your thumb is on your side of the napkin in the left upper corner of the napkin. Hold this level with your right hand adjusting the right upper corner. Hold tight with your left hand so your right hand can become free. You are going to use the right hand to help wrap the napkin around the left two fingers like a tube. Your left fingers are held pretty deep to give you something to wrap around. Wrap the napkin up and away from you by grabbing the bottom and bringing it around. Go over the top and wrap the napkin completely around the left fingers. After a full rotation, use the right hand to pull on the opposite end of the tube to keep it straight. Use your left thumb to keep the tube from unrolling or falling off. You are not rolling this very tight. Keep it comfortable as you are going to need a little slack to manipulate the paper in a moment.

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Once you have the tube, hold it vertically and grab about two inches or so from the top by the sides. With the finger tips of both hands, press the tube together here like you are choking the tube. Pinch the left thumb and first finger to keep the tube collapsed about two inches below the top as you roll this part of the tube counterclockwise as if you were looking down the top of the tube. The right hand twists just below this point in the opposite direction. Twist until about one third to one half of the length below is twisted into a tight stem. This will leave enough below to make a leaf and more stem below. Find the portion below that is the corner edge of the napkin. This will be pulled up to create the leaf. Pull it up and out slightly unrolling a bit to give a couple inches of a leaf. Once you've done this once, you'll easily see how much you prefer to make the right sized stem, leaf and rose. Once you have a portion of that corner pulled up and outward, pinch the rest of the napkin below the leaf and twist the rest of the stem in the same direction as you did above. So, by pinching just below the leaf with the left thumb and first finger, roll the stem again as the right fingers twist the opposite way below. If you go the wrong way, you will unravel the stem. Once done, tighten the entire stem by grabbing the bottom by the right fingers and the top, just below the rose head, with the left fingers and twist it all tight. Adjust the leaf and make it look better if need be. To make the flower head appear a little fuller and beautiful, hold the neck again with the left finger tips and push your right fingers deep into the the head. Push outward at the bottom to bring out the differentiation from the head and the stem twisted tight below.

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Finally, while still holding the neck with the left fingers, grab the most inside fold of the flower head with the right finger tips. This is the part inside the top you see twisted like a tube. Grab the most inside corner and twist the entire rose in the opposite direction to make the rose pedals fuller and more distinct. You are taking the loosely rolled paper and slightly tightening and separating the layers to create the final rose pedals that swirl around in the head of the flower.

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