Ch.1: Quickies
Quick Tricks
Ice Breakers
Pick Up Lines

Ch.2: One Night Stands
Card Tricks
Money Magic
Mind Reading Tricks
Bar Bets
Impromptu Magic Tricks

Ch.3: Threesomes
Tricks with Wingman
Scams with Wingman
Hit On Set Ups

Ch.4: Body Langauge
Non-Verbal Communication

Ch.5: Rules of the Game
Dating Tips
Personal Tips

Using a Wingman for Tricks, Scams & Dating Tricks
Meet Women or Entertain Your Friends with Confidence, Personality and Mystery!

With a friend’s help, you gain a whole level of opportunities and fun. Be sure you and your wingman are familiar with your favorite tricks or scams in order to act fast on your toes. Some of these tricks rely on your friends ability to act uninvolved and be able to give you the credit. Just keep in mind that this is fun for all and not to legitimately take advantage of anyone. You should see how easy and flexible these tricks are depending on the setting, the attitude of the girls and your acting or B.S. skills. Again, I'll remind you to remember to be a gentleman even when scamming someone. Enjoy having "threesomes"!

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Our Philosophy:
"The right man is the one who seizes the moment.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
17th century philosopher of Romanticism

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"Tricks, Scams & Set Ups with Your Wingman" taken off page 136 from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks:

Tricks with Your Wingman


Here's a great trick to get a number and read someone's mind. Let her shuffle the cards and take the deck back. When you take it back, casually notice what the bottom card is. Next, let her take any card she wants. Have her place it on top of the deck after she has remembered it. Be very certain that she takes it, remembers it but absolutely lets nobody around see it. Once her card is on top of the deck, give the deck a cut. Do not shuffle, only cut the cards. You may let her cut the cards as well. Here's the first phase which is pretty cool in itself. Turn the cards over and spread through them so you can see the faces. Look for the card you peeked at earlier. Her card is always the next card toward the bottom of the deck because when you cut, you place that card on top of hers! So, you know her card. You have lots of options to "read her mind" and tell her the card. Here's how to utilize your wingman. Looking at the cards, just name a couple out loud like you are struggling to figure out the card she picked. Tell her that you learned this from a magician and that maybe you need to call him and see if he can tell her. Call your friend who is already nearby and is waiting for this call. When he picks up, he will immediately start saying, "Hearts, Clubs Spades, Diamonds…" Interrupt him when he say the correct one by saying, "Hey magic man!" He will immediately start saying, "One, two, three, four, five…" You listen like he could be saying anything. It's completely normal looking to her. When he gets to the correct card value, say, "Hey, I'm calling to have you talk to a friend about a trick, hold on…" Immediately hand the phone over and he does the rest. It will be quite confusing when she explains the trick that is not working and he replies with the correct card because she picked one herself, showed nobody and knows you didn't signal anyone.
...(There's a huge variety of Wingman Tricks in Tricks to Pick Up Chicks...)

Scams with Your Wingman

Perfect Call Timing

After approaching a girl, have a wingman time a call to you. Take the call. This will do a few things. One, makes you look like you have friends and other things to do. Two, it gives you a chance to see her reaction to your call. To make her more curious, you could play it off like a girl is calling. Even better, you could tell the caller that you are busy with something important. After the call, you could take a picture of both of you to "send to your friend". What you are really up to is creating some intimacy, mystery and curiosity. Three, this gives you an excuse to run if she is just not worth the effort.
...(There's a huge variety of Wingman Scams in Tricks to Pick Up Chicks...)

Hit On Set Ups with Your Wingman

Scavenger Hunt

Both of you run up to your dream-girl with a list of things you have to make happen for a scavenger hunt contest. The other has to be a witness. You get to her first and he "honors" it and lets you go. You say you had to find the cutest girl and get her to complete the following tasks. He then reads from his list things you have to do with her. You can create your own based on the setting, your personalities, etc. Good starters are guessing things about her and you have to keep guessing until you get ten correct. Obviously, you'd want to lead up to getting a kiss, a date or a phone number. It's a good way to get away with nearly anything to break the ice. You guys could run off afterwards or just end up with her by ending the game by saying, "Aw, Man... You won. You actually got to a hundred points before me." The possibilities are endless with this excuse to barge in on someone.
...(There's a huge variety of Wingman Hit On Set Ups in Tricks to Pick Up Chicks...)

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ice breakers pick up lines Chapter 3 - “Threesomes"
Gain an advantage by secretly using your “wingman” to trick, scam or set-up your target!

Here's a partial list of things you'll be able to do EASILY in just minutes:
• Intimately look into the eyes of anyone you want while doing "mind reading tricks"
• Create moments to touch with interactive effects and tricks
• Impress a date with intriguing abilities
• Create a strong attraction by doing something interesting
• Be memorable so you know she'll call you back!
• Have a plan and reason to approach someone
• Have more to say than, "Uh, what's your name? What do you do?"
• Overall, appear awesome with the secrets to bets, tricks and scams...

All this and more is possible while you simply get to be yourself and have fun!
Chapter 3 contains a variety of tricks, set ups, introductions and scams that secretly use a third person... or wingman! No experience required!

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